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Local Outside Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions in Your Area of Billericay

weunblockdrains.com Proud to Serve Billericay – Outside Drain Blocked in Billericay, CM11 Essex

Let’s be honest – outside drains are a scary prospect and the last thing that you want is to find that they are overflowing, backed up or blocked up, so you are left with that nasty sewage smell in Billericay. What a nightmare! Outdoor drainage issues can be a bit of a headache as they are not easily fixed if you are unsure of what you are doing or what is causing the issue – you could really do without the hassle.

Drainage problems may be quite distressing for homeowners, which is why our team of local professional experts in Billericay, CM11 Essex is ready to assist you. We work hard to determine the main cause of your outdoor drain blockage, providing local clogged drain pipe solutions using cutting-edge technology to have your drains smelling and feeling clean in no time. We can employ a CCTV drain study to assist and discover the reason of your blocked outdoor drain if we cannot detect it manually.

A CCTV drainage survey, also known as a CCTV drain inspection, is performed by inserting a small drain inspection camera into a drain, pipe, or sewer to locate the source of a blockage or damage in your drainage system.

What to do if you have an Outside Drain Blocked in Billericay, CM11 Essex

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If you think that your outside drain is blocked, either because of standing water, or a bad smell on the outside of your home, what do you do next? Instead of panicking, let us do the hard work for you. Stay calm and get in touch.

Book Your Local Expert Drainage Engineer (in 3 Easy Steps)

Three steps is all it takes to get us straight to your door to help tackle any outside drain blockages that you may have. Connect with expert staff to tackle blocked drain pipes in Billericay at a time convenient for you. All you have to do to get started is click/tap the button below. You can book a drainage engineer to clear your outside blocked drain - fast. Our online booking form can be completed in 3 Easy Steps. Alternatively, you can call us on the number below.

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weunblockdrains.com - Proud to Serve Billericay - Local Blocked Drain Unblocking in Billericay, CM11 Essex

Our company focuses on delivering local drain cleaning services in the Billericay area and are proud of represent our community. We aim to combine our local knowledge and personal touch with the professionalism of a national company.

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Outside Drain Unblocking by Experienced Staff In Billericay

weunblockdrains.com treats your local area as our own – because it is! We realise how stressful it may be to leave your home drainage issues to a business to solve but take great care in the houses where we operate and make sure that all our employees share these beliefs. Our local employees understand the importance of providing a personalised service to make you feel at ease in Billericay. Our Billericay staff works hard to set your mind at ease by swiftly and efficiently resolving any local drain cleaning and clearing difficulties.

We are devoted to assisting our local community with any drain unblocking issues in the Billericay, CM11 Essex area. Our local clogged outdoor drain blockage solutions are fully explained to you, and we are honest about the work that has to be done so there are no unpleasant surprises. Our experts may arrive at your home in Billericay as soon as possible to analyse the issue, diagnose the problem, and choose the best course of action for your specific circumstances. Our service cost is clearly stated before we begin, and we work hard to ensure that our customers in Billericay receive a fair and reasonable price.

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CCTV Drain Surveys in Billericay, CM11 Essex

Our highly trained and experienced personnel offer a multitude of drain services such as CCTV surveys and drain cleaning. CCTV surveys are used when necessary to allow us to further identify the root cause of your drainage issues, so that we can treat them effectively. Drain cleaning is a great way to keep on top of your outdoor drains, ensuring they are in full working order. Simply contact us to get started in the Billericay area. Our drain unblocking and maintenance services are available both inside and outside of the property.

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Call in the experts for quick and easy outdoor drain unblocking in Billericay, CM11 Essex to give you peace of mind

For outdoor drain unblocking in Billericay, CM11 Essex, use local drain clearing specialists who are familiar with the region and can immediately attend to your problem at your home in Billericay. We are a highly rated local drain unblocking company in Billericay, with a number of positive client reviews when dealing with blocked outdoor drains in Billericay, CM11 Essex. We know the area well so can get to your home quickly and understand the importance of valuing our local area.

For all of your outdoor blocked drain needs, our Billericay personnel are fully certified and insured. Whatever the issue, our Billericay team is ready to assist you. We are a Billericay firm here to serve the community and take pride in doing so.

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For help with a blocked outside drain in Billericay, CM11 Essex, contact us today

weunblockdrains.com, your local drain cleaning company in Billericay, is only a phone call away. Simply fill out our three-step form today, and we'll be at your Billericay doorstep in no time.

Why Choose weunblockdrains.com – Your Local Drainage Company in Billericay, CM11 Essex

7 days a week

7 Days a week in Billericay – we know that drain issues don’t always fall during a working week, so we are here to help, any time.

No call out charge

No call out charge in Billericay – coming to you is part of our job, we won’t charge you extra for it.


Professional, highly trained local engineers in Billericay, CM11 Essex. All of our drainage engineers are trained in-house to the highest standard, plus we never outsource any of our drainage work to other companies

Fair pricing

Fair fixed pricing in Billericay – upfront, honest costs with no hidden fees.

Covid safe

Covid safe in Billericay – procedures in place to keep you safe.

Guaranteed work

Guaranteed work in Billericay, CM11 Essex – completed to a high standard, leaving you one hundred percent satisfied.

CRB checks

CRB Checked Engineers in Billericay – to ensure your safety and give you peace of mind.


We clear 85% of all blockages in Billericay, CM11 Essex in under an hour. If we can’t, we guarantee a free Look-See Camera survey to get to the root of the problem.

In the area of Billericay, CM11 Essex, we can help identify a number of drainage problems and offer a number of local blocked drain pipe solutions. We address issues such as…

  • Drain clearing clearance Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Clogged pipes in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Broken pipes in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Drain odours in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Leaking drains in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Slow drainage in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Overflowing drains in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Solid grease or fat build-up in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Damaged drains due to Billericay ground movements
  • Billericay collapsed drains
  • Cracked pipes in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Issues with drain joints in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Bellied drain issues in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Drain damage due to trees in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Blocked toilets in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Shower drainage and blockage issues in Billericay, CM11 Essex
  • Local drain cleaning in Billericay, CM11 Essex
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For Emergency Outside Drain Unblocking in Billericay, Contact the Local Drain Clearing Experts Today for Help with Outside Blocked Drains in Billericay, CM11 Essex

It's simple to reach out to us. Simply click or tap on the button below to contact our drainage experts and make an appointment as soon as you need it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 01277-674204, and we'll put you in touch with a member of our professional staff who can assist you with unblocking your outside drain.

There are no call out fees in the Billericay area, and our pricing is straightforward and open.

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Outside Drain Blocked FAQs

Q. Why is my outside drain blocked and how much will it cost unblock it?

A. Outside drain overflowing can be caused by a number of different reasons from a backup of toilet paper to grime and oil build up in your plumbing system. You may not be able to identify the issue from looking at the outside of the drain. This is where we come in – our expert staff are trained to find the root cause of your blocked drains so that they can rectify the issue fully. The cost of this will vary depending on what is required. See our FAQs for pricing.

Q. How much does it cost to clear a blocked drain pipe in Billericay?

A. At weunblockdrains.com, we believe in fair upfront pricing. See our FAQs for our standard drain unblocking prices. At weunblockdrains.com, we give you a fair price for our local drain clearing services. For a free, no-obligation quote for any drain works in Billericay, contact us today, and our local drain clearing, expert engineers will be round to your house in Billericay in no time.

Q. How do you clear an outside blocked drain?

A. You can try and unblock your drain yourself with over the counter outside drain unblocker – this can work occasionally for smaller drainage issues but may not solve the root of the problem.

To unblock your outside drain, firstly gather these items:

• Goggles and some old clothes (you are going to get dirty…)
• A set of drain rods
• Gloves – rubber. Heavy duty rubber gloves are preferable but normal household ones will do
• Screwdriver (for lifting manholes)
• Bucket (for debris)
• Garden hose

Unblock your outside drain:

1. Open the drain cover – use your flat headed screwdriver to ply the cover up. If the cover is heavy, you may need to ask for assistance.

2. Locate the blockage – Firstly, try and locate the blockage with your hands. Yes, we know this is yucky, but it’ll make it easier to clear the rest with a drain rod. Remove whatever you can and put it in the bucket.

3. Use the set of drain rods – Insert the drain rods down into the drain, apply some force. Twist and push and pull the rod into the blockage. If the rods come with different head attachments, swap, and try the different options. Some may work better than others. It may take a while to get through the blockage if it’s big. Keep pushing and twisting away until it feels easy – this is a sign that the blockage is clearing.

4. Wash the outside drain through – when you are sure you have cleared the blockage, place the hose in the drain and turn it on. This will clear the drain through of any debris left - and give an indication if the drain is still blocked.

If this is not successful, simply call weunblockdrains.com or make a fast online booking to help get your drains back to working order.