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Local CCTV Drain Surveys in Your Area of Sudbury

Did a pipe burst under your home or business in Sudbury? Do you think that your drains were damaged by tree roots? A CCTV drain survey will give you a look inside to determine the source of your drainage problem without turning your back garden into a building site!

For most drain blockages, our local Sudbury expert drainage engineers can clear the drains manually or with one of our professional mechanical methods. If a blockage is ongoing and does not respond to traditional unblocking methods, it may need a thorough investigation via a drain camera survey.

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What is a CCTV Drain Survey For – Local Drainage Company in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk?

In most cases our local Sudbury expert drainage engineers can clear the drains manually or with one of our professional mechanical methods. However, if a blockage is on-going then may need a thorough investigation via a drain camera survey. A CCTV Drain Survey helps avoid the cost and disruption of digging to find a problem and are the quickest methods to provide an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective drainage diagnosis.

No one wants a flooding basement, wet carpet, or damaged wall. A CCTV drain survey is the only way to determine if your home or business has a drainage problem or if there is damage in your plumbing or sewer line that needs repairing.

Additionally, a CCTV Drain Survey is essential when purchasing a new home or Build Over CCTV Surveys are needed when building an extension to determine the condition of the drains beneath the extension. This is because major issues such as subsidence can be caused by broken or leaking drains. Landlords should also get a Pre-tenancy Drain Survey to ensure any rental property is in good condition for tenants to live in.

CCTV Drain Surveys in Sudbury

A CCTV drainage survey, also known as a CCTV drain inspection, is performed by inserting a small drain inspection camera into a drain, pipe, or sewer to locate the source of a blockage or damage in your drainage system.

Our local Sudbury expert drain engineers use the latest CCTV equipment and top of the range technology to render your drains in colour for a clear picture. drainage engineer with his van illustration

CCTV Drain Survey Cost Man with questions needing answering. For our FAQs Page. Illustration

The cost of a CCTV Drain Survey is different for each individual job, as no two properties are the same. Our quotes will be based on the length that needs to be surveyed.

Our work is carried out to the highest standard, with guarantees. Trust our local skilled professional drainage engineers to assess, examine, diagnose, and fix the problem. To get an accurate quote for your job and book a visit, fill in our online CCTV Drain Survey form to get a free, no-obligation quote – it couldn't be easier! Woman talking to one of our customer service team. For our Contact Us Page

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You can book a drain survey/make an enquiry through our online form, where a member of our Sudbury team will follow up with you. Alternatively, phone us on 01787-321090 for any queries, and we'll put you through to our expert team.

Instantly book a local Sudbury drain engineer to provide a CCTV drain inspection. Our online forms and helpful team will let you know an upfront cost/price pre-purchase to ensure honesty and transparency.

We're here to make your life a little easier by offering a number of services under one roof, which results in you getting the most from your home or business.

CCTV Drain Inspection in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk

CCTV drain inspection surveys are to help identify a number of potential issues in your Sudbury home such as:

Displaced Joints
Minor & Major Tree Root Ingression
Cracked & Collapsed Drains
Wear & Tear
Build Over of Scale
Signs of Poor Installation or Displacement One of our expert local drainage engineers talking to a customer. Illustration

CCTV Drain Survey Report

We pride ourselves on delivering professional, reliable services.
Once we have completed our CCTV drain camera survey using the latest technology, we produce a detailed drain camera survey report with repair recommendations (if there are repairs needed of course).

We ensure that our drain experts sit down with our clients, talking them through the report and what it means. We discuss through any options you may need to take as a result of these surveys, and you will be able to look back, view, share or download your report online.
If an issue is identified and it is small, then we may be able to use our 'no dig' technology to fix the issue without digging holes in your garden – meaning you can get back to relaxing in it in no time.

In the area of Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk, we can help identify a number of drainage problems with a CCTV Drain Survey and offer a number of local blocked drain pipe solutions. We address issues such as…

  • Sudbury collapsed drains
  • Clogged pipes in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Drain damage due to trees in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Damaged drains due to Sudbury ground movements
  • Repair Sleeve in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Cracked pipes in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Broken pipes in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Resin drain repair in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • No Dig Repairs in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Issues with drain joints in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Bellied drain issues in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Drain odours in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Leaking drains in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Slow drainage in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Overflowing drains in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk
  • Shower drainage and blockage issues in Sudbury

The Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk

CCTV Drain Surveys can reduce overall costs by identifying any issues swiftly, allowing you to rectify them before they become a larger, more expensive issue.

CCTV drain surveys give you more information. Properties in Sudbury cost a lot of money, so when you are investing in them, it is always worth gathering all the information you can about them. A CCTV survey prior to purchasing or completing large renovations allows you to avoid any unexpected costs or problems that you were not expecting. Three Drainage engineers showcasing our three drainage services. Drain unblocking, repairs and surveys. For our Services Page. Illustration

Let assist you - Local CCTV Drain Surveys in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk

At, we treat your property as if it was our own, as we understand that entrusting your property to a company to survey can be a nerve-wracking process. We take great care in the homes that we work in and ensure that all our staff share these same values. Our local staff members understand the importance of adding a personal touch into our service to make you feel at ease in Sudbury. Our Sudbury team works hard to put your mind at rest, conducting our survey and repairing any drain concerns quickly and with minimal disturbance.

We care about the Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk area and are dedicated to helping our local community with any of their drainage needs. Our local CCTV drain surveys and how they work are explained clearly to you and we are upfront about the work that needs undertaken so there are no nasty surprises. Our team can promptly come to your house in Sudbury to assess the situation, identify any problem with the CCTV technology, and choose the best course of action for your individual situation.

The pricing of our services is clearly disclosed before we begin, and we constantly strive to provide a fair and reasonable price to our consumers in Sudbury. We understand that drainage issues can come at an unexpected time, so try and keep costs as low as possible for our clients. drainage engineer with his thumbs up. For our About Us Page. Illustration Proud to Serve Sudbury - Local CCTV Drain Surveys in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk

If our CCTV drain surveys do identify an issue with your drainage system, we offer a number of different solutions, including no-dig drain lining, patch repair and drain replacement. If needed, we can complete full excavation work, but try to avoid this where possible for a more affordable fix.
Our expert team in Sudbury, will explain the full results of the survey with you, before exploring your options if there are problems that you need to fix. We aim to leave our Sudbury customers feeling one-hundred percent satisfied and are here to answer any questions that you may have.

Why Choose – Your Local CCTV Drain Survey Company in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk

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7 Days a week in Sudbury – we know that drain issues don’t always fall during a working week, so we are here to help, any time.

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No call out charge in Sudbury – coming to you is part of our job, we won’t charge you extra for it.


Professional, highly trained local engineers in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk. All of our drainage engineers are trained in-house to the highest standard, plus we never outsource any of our drainage work to other companies

Fair pricing

Fair fixed pricing in Sudbury – upfront, honest costs with no hidden fees.

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Covid safe in Sudbury – procedures in place to keep you safe.

Guaranteed work

Guaranteed work in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk – completed to a high standard, leaving you one hundred percent satisfied.

CRB checks

CRB Checked Engineers in Sudbury – to ensure your safety and give you peace of mind.


We clear 85% of all blockages in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk in under an hour. If we can’t, we guarantee a free Look-See Camera survey to get to the root of the problem.

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CCTV Drain Survey FAQs

Q. How Much Does A CCTV Drain Survey Cost In Sudbury?

A. The cost of local CCTV drain surveys is dependent on the length of drainage that you are looking to have surveyed. We aim to keep the costs to a minimum as we understand that unexpected repairs can be financially stressful. At, you can easily book an appointment via our easy online system, you can also get a no-obligation quote via our online forms!

Q. What is a CCTV Drainage Survey?

A. A CCTV drain survey is the only way to determine if your home or business has a drainage problem or if there is damage in your plumbing or sewer line that needs repairing.

Q. How does a CCTV Drain Survey work?

A. CCTV drain surveys, also known as CCTV drain inspections, involve inserting a small drain inspection camera into a drain, pipe, or sewer to determine the source of a blockage or damage in your drainage system.

Q. Could a CCTV Drain Survey assist you in resolving your rat problem?

A. Faulty and poor drainage systems are to blame for over 90% of rat issues in Sudbury and around the UK. We can assist if you're hearing rat sounds in your ceilings, walls, or under the floor and the traditional rodent control methods aren't working.

Rats can get into your home through clogged drains, damaged or cracked pipes, and redundant drains.
Our engineers in Sudbury utilise the most up-to-date drain survey technology to find any flaws or deficiencies that might allow rats to escape from sewers and into your property.

The faults will be listed in our drain survey report, along with suggestions for any drain repairs. drainage engineer performing a CCTV drainage inspection illustration

If you are looking for a CCTV drain survey in Sudbury, CO10 Suffolk, contact us today, your local drain repair company in Sudbury, is just a phone call away to assist you. Simply complete our quick form and we'll be at your door in Sudbury in no time. are well known drainage experts in Sudbury who are waiting to help you with all your drainage needs.

CCTV drain surveys and investigations that you can trust. In Sudbury, for surveyors, construction sites, business locations, and skilled issue solvers. We are the #1 CCTV survey company in Sudbury for all your drain survey needs, thanks to our professional staff and specialised solutions. Don't put it off any longer; contact us now!